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I had to leave the city

To find out how I feel

Yellowstone's mountain roads

And daisy covered fields

Where Colleen Reily touched my life

Colleen showed me what it is to love her freedom

I was hopelessly in love 

Heartbroken and alone

Shattered by good gone bad

I thought too much to know

Then Colleen straightened out my sight

Colleen showed me what it is to know my freedom

She told me of a love 

She felt high in the mountains

It was very plain to me 

She was led by her emotions

And Colleen is destined to stay free

Colleen knows what she wants is what her world will be

She hails from Ohio 

But she spent last year in Cody

I feel like I've been robbed 

'Cause she may never get to know me

Colleen Reily changed my life

Colleen showed me what it is to love my freedom

I hope she understands

That I meant the things I told her

She took me by the hands

And my confusion was over

Colleen, thanks for what you've done

Colleen, you stole my heart and gave me back my freedom


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