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Blue Cheese

Words and vocals by: Scott Midgley, Music by: Doug Midgley

Blue cheese

That's for my salad please

No Thousand Island, French or Italian too

Just give me a big dose of blue cheese

With plenty of raddish

Green pepper too

Onion slices, hard boild egg, baco bits

And a big dose of blue cheese

We're getting down to the meat

Gonna have some fun

Two all beef patties

On a sesame seed bun

Spread in the middle by some blue cheese

Let's talk about condiments

That's where it's whence

Bermuda onion, big tomatoes

And blue cheese

Hold the mustard please

The beverage we need 

Is some iced teas please

In a tall glass with cool, cool ice

Goes with blue cheese 

Real, real nice

Lemon, sugar, a stir stick too

Goes real nice with my 

Blue cheese


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