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Doug Midgley was a happy baby born December 28, 1955 to loving parents, Donald and Elaine. Doug was four years younger than his only brother, Scot Midgley. For much of the boys' childhood, the family lived in a cozy three bedroom house with a pool in the Sylvania neighborhood of Ohio. They were a charming family, and very well regarded in their community. When Doug was 12 years old, his first guitar instructor told him that his hands were too small to play the instrument. Frustrated and markedly inspired, he persisted and eventually learned to provide the accompaniment to his own singing and songwriting. In the 8th grade, Doug served as class President at Arbor Hills Junior High. That summer, due to an advancing business career, Donald moved the family of four to California for several years. Doug attended Carlmont High School in Belmont there, where he graduated one year early in 1972. He spent his hard earned year off of school in Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, immersing himself in nature and music. Doug later received a degree in business marketing from Northwood University - Michigan, and followed his Father's footsteps into the Automotive Aftermarket Advertising Industry.  On June 21, 1981, Doug married his long-term girlfriend, Caroline Wiley, and lovingly embraced the role of Step-Father to then 11 year old Andrew Rounds.  Doug and Caroline bought a home together in Marietta, Georgia and, in 1985, grew their family to include Doug's first and only daughter, Allison. In the years that followed Allison's birth, the small family moved as needed to accommodate their dreams and careers. After a short stint in Charolette, North Carolina, the family settled back into the rolling hills of Belmont, California, where Doug had attended High School.  He started and ran a newspaper business called, Bay Area Auto Repair News, from the basement of their hillside home. In 1993 Doug was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given a six month window to live. He fought bravely and began to pursue the dream of building a legacy of love through music. He did so by amassing a collection of all the song lyrics he had written throughout his lifetime and began the recording process for his first and only album release, On & On. During his illness, Doug was offered an opportunity to participate in an experimental treatment that held promise. It was a positive alternative to the chemotherapy and surgeries that he had already undergone, but it listed vocal chord paralysis as one of a long list of potential side effects.  He accepted the offer optimistically and began the experimental treatment right away. A mere two days after completing the recording of his album, Doug and his family were stunned to learn that the side-effect he most wanted to avoid had permanently stolen his voice. He was never again able to sing as he strummed his guitar and was, instead, limited to a hoarse and breathy whisper until he died on December 4th, 1995.  He was only 39 years old. Today, more than two decades after his passing, Doug Midgley's music continues to inspire. 

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