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Doug Midgley | On & On: Remastered

Singer-Songwriter, Doug Midgley, recorded On & On in a small Cleveland studio a mere two days before the side effects of his cancer treatment permanently stole his voice. He released his debut album On & On in 1994 and, just one year later, he was gone.  

The album that survived him and propelled his music into the soundtracks of so many lives is now available in digital format for the first time. His captivating, full voice exposes poetic truths about love, life, illness, and loss with clarity unlike ever before. Experience Doug Midgley in his unforgettable collection On & On: remastered.

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On & On: remastered Announcement

BIOGRAPHY | A Legacy of Love Through Music

Birth of a Musical Soul

Doug Midgley, born on December 28, 1955, was a remarkable soul whose journey through life left an indelible mark on those who knew him and continues to inspire generations through his music. His story is a testament to resilience, love, and the enduring power of creativity.

A Cherished Childhood

Doug was welcomed into the world with boundless joy to his loving parents, Donald and Elaine. Growing up in the heartwarming embrace of a family that included his older brother Scot Midgley, Doug's early years were filled with laughter and love. The Midgley family's home, nestled in the Sylvania neighborhood of Ohio, was not just a house but a haven where bonds were forged, and memories created.

A Rising Star in the Making

Even in his youth, Doug displayed leadership qualities that would shape his future. In the 8th grade, he served as class President at Burnham Junior High, foreshadowing the charisma and charm that would define his life. An opportunity for change beckoned when his father's career led the family to California, where Doug attended Carlmont High School in Belmont. Graduating a year early in 1973, he embarked on a transformative year spent immersed in nature and music in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.

A Journey into Business and Family

Doug's thirst for knowledge led him to Northwood University - Michigan, where he earned a degree in business marketing. Inspired by his father's footsteps, Doug ventured into the Automotive Aftermarket Advertising Industry. On June 21, 1981, he married his true love, Caroline Wiley, and wholeheartedly embraced the role of Step-Father to her 11-year-old son, Andrew Rounds. Together, they created a loving home in Marietta, Georgia, and in 1985, welcomed Doug's first and only child, Allison, into the world.

The family's journey was dynamic, marked by a dedication to realizing their dreams and careers. After a brief stint in Charlotte, North Carolina, they settled back in the picturesque hills of Belmont, California, where Doug had once walked the halls of high school.


A Musical Legacy Born of Resilience

In 1993, life took an unexpected turn when Doug was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given a mere six months to live. Undaunted, he embarked on a mission to build a legacy of love through music. Compiling a lifetime's worth of song lyrics, Doug began the recording process for his debut album, "On & On." Amidst his battle with illness, an experimental treatment emerged as a ray of hope. While this treatment offered a positive alternative to chemotherapy and surgery, it tragically robbed Doug of his voice, a cruel twist for a musician.

On December 4th, 1995, at the tender age of 39, Doug Midgley passed away, leaving a void in the world that could never be filled.

More than two decades after his passing, Doug's music continues to inspire and resonate with audiences around the world. His daughter, Allison, carries on his musical legacy with unwavering dedication. She diligently collects, organizes, studies, interprets, re-masters, re-imagines, and re-produces her father's musical works. This endeavor is a labor of love, a collaborative effort to honor the path Doug's music might have taken had he been granted more time.


Preserving the Legacy

Allison's mission is clear: to share and amplify Doug Midgley's music, ultimately striving for his posthumous induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. In doing so, she ensures that the world will never forget the passion, resilience, and creative spirit of a man whose life was cut tragically short but whose legacy lives on through the power of music. Doug Midgley's story is a testament to the enduring impact one person's passion and creativity can have on the world, and it continues to inspire all who encounter it.

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